Get High on Deals with HOTBOX's 420 Sale

Get High on Deals with HOTBOX's 420 Sale

We're just moments away from launching our most anticipated 420 sale! Our annual HOTBOX 420 sale is almost upon us, and this year, we’re going all out to bring you the most lit deals on your favorite cannabis products. It’s a day to celebrate, save, and stock up on the best greens in town. You won't want to miss out on what we've got planned for you!

HOTBOX Top Picks for 420

Our products will light up your festivities like never before. Here’s some of our top fresh picks:

1. HOTBOX The Week

Dive into "The Week" by Hotbox, your ultimate companion for a stress-free and enjoyable week. With 20 expertly crafted half-gram pre-rolls, this product promises a smooth experience whether you’re unwinding after work or kicking back with friends.

2. HOTBOX Cushy Kush Hybrid Preroll

Meet Cushy Kush, your ticket to a psychedelic journey of flavors and colors. Described as Bob Ross on a psychedelic trip, this strain is a vibrant mix of greens and purples, packed with a punch of pine and citrus flavors. Perfect for those looking to elevate their creative thinking or simply enjoy a unique taste.

3. HOTBOX Kush Mints

Relish the delightful blend of fruit-filled cookies and mint with Kush Mints. Ideal for stimulating creativity or easing stress, this strain offers a light, smooth smoke that brings an uplifting cerebral experience.

4. HOTBOX Scotty's Mom Indica 510 Vape Carts

Break through creative barriers with Scotty’s Mom, a blend of Baked Biscotti and Gelato #33. This strain promises a clear-headed high packed with flavor and bliss, perfect for those who prefer a strong yet smooth experience.

5. HOTBOX Paris OG Bake Shake

Experience the essence of Paris in spring with Paris OG Bake Shake. This light indica features a sweet, floral aroma and a relaxing yet active effect, ideal for winding down your day or inspiring evening creativity.

Get the Most Out of Your 420 by Following these Tips:

  • Arrive Early: Be the first on the scene. Snag the best deals and exclusive products before they disappear.
  • Try New Things: It’s the perfect time to try out different strains and products to see what you’ll enjoy the most. From Sativa to Indica to Hybrid, grab them all!
  • Bring the Crew: Make it a fun day with friends and come celebrate the Hotbox love together.

We can't wait to see you as our team heads out to the largest 420 retail events around. All products and strains, from Whole Flower Bigs and Minis to Prerolls and Shake, are available at unbeatable prices, and every HOTBOX retailer is participating in the celebration. Get ready to elevate your experience with Hotbox’s 420 Sale—where every deal is a high deal!