Top 10 Health Benefits of Cannabis You Probably Didn’t Know

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cannabis You Probably Didn’t Know

People have varying opinions about cannabis and CBD products. Many strongly favor cannabis and medical marijuana for their therapeutic properties, and others are still on the fence. While anti-drug activists may believe that a couple of puffs on a joint will adversely affect your health or even scar you for life, this is not true. Medical marijuana or cannabis is not harmful to you, provided you use it judiciously.

In fact, there are many health benefits of cannabis, and you may not even know many of these cannabis benefits. People have used cannabis for thousands of years, both recreationally and medically. In the US, cannabis was formally given a Schedule I substance classification back in 1970 under the Controlled Substances Act.

The cannabis plant is found in many forms around the globe. The plant contains CBD, which has pain-relieving properties and other health benefits. Some of the benefits of CBD include its ability to improve your brain functioning without giving it a high or euphoric feeling. Not just this, but medical cannabis offers other health benefits, such as relief from depression and pain, as well. Following are some of the surprising and fantastic health benefits of cannabis.

Health Benefits of Cannabis

1. Medical Cannabis can Help Treat Side Effects of Cancer and Cancer Treatment

Advocates and proponents of legal cannabis, and medical marijuana will be pleased to know that the US government has admitted that cannabis can shrink cancer cells. Different research studies suggest that oral cannabinoids are effective at relieving nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

However, that is not all; smoking cannabis or medical marijuana can also help lessen the severity of these symptoms. Moreover, note that some cancer cell studies indicate that cannabinoids can slow the growth of or even kill certain kinds of cancer cells.

2. Reduces Inflammation

This is one of the best benefits of weed or medical cannabis. Did you know that inflammation is a symptom and cause of many chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms, glaucoma, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease? Medical cannabis can help treat inflammation.

According to studies, CBD may help lower chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity and reducing inflammation. Keep in mind that cannabinoids like cannabidiol are potent anti-inflammatory agents.

A study by the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research revealed that CBD could help reduce inflammation as well as the neuropathic pain associated with inflammation.

3. Potential in Autism Treatment

As medical marijuana is known to calm down users and help regulate and improve their moods, it can help kids with autism that undergo frequent mood swings and tantrums to help control them.

4. Heals Broken Bones

You will be pleased to know that cannabidiol can help heal and repair broken bones. A study showed that weed could help bones heal, making them stronger. According to the Bone Research Laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel, cannabis can strengthen bones during the healing process. This is why bones become stronger, and there is a lower risk of bone breakage in the future.

5. Helps Treat Anxiety Disorders

Researchers at Harvard University indicated that medical cannabis helps reduce anxiety, improves your mood, and acts as an excellent sedative in low doses. However, keep in mind that a 2018 research study on the potential of medical cannabis to reduce the risk of anxiety disorders revealed that the anxiolytic effects of cannabis may depend on the terpenes, strain, and THC: CBD ratio.

Also, a preclinical study showed that CBD could effectively treat various anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.

6. Reduces the Risk of Relapse in Drug Addiction

This is one of the most notable health benefits of cannabis. According to a 2018 study, CBD can help people with drug and alcohol addiction. For example, smoking weed can help a person give up heroin. Smoking weed can help patients give up various opiates such as heroin and reduce the risk of relapse.

Researchers and scientists at Columbia University monitored several patients undergoing medical treatment for opiate addiction. They found that patients who smoked marijuana or weed were more likely to sleep.

They also felt less anxious. And a preclinical trial showed that CBD lowered the stress-induced cravings, lack of impulse control, and anxiety that often cause individuals to relapse.

7. Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Preliminary research into insomnia and cannabis indicates that CBD has therapeutic potential for treating insomnia. According to a recent clinical review, acute administration of medical cannabis can help you fall asleep and even increase Stage 4 sleep.

Similarly, a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted in 2021 found that 2 weeks of sublingual administration (nightly) of a cannabinoid extract known as ZTL-101 can improve insomnia symptoms, improving sleep quality in patients with chronic insomnia symptoms.

8. Can Relieve Chronic Pain

Did you know that a comprehensive research study conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine reviewed over 10,000 clinical reports on the various medicinal benefits of marijuana and cannabis? The study noted that using medicinal cannabis can help treat chronic pain. According to this study, cannabis plants or products with cannabinoids are very effective at relieving chronic pain.

9. May Treat Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Researchers suggest that people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can find medical relief with cannabis use. You should know that cannabidiol and THC can help boost immune response and interact with cells that play an important role in the gut’s functioning.

Cannabis use helps kill bacteria and various other compounds that tend to cause bowel inflammation.

10. Regulates Diabetes

Marijuana may help manage your blood sugar levels. Also, it could help improve insulin resistance, especially with type 2 diabetes.

Research work at American Alliance for Medical Cannabis has linked cannabis with balanced blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and enhanced blood circulation.

Summing Up

Considering the many health benefits of cannabis and weed, this may help you understand their effects and how it can benefit you. It is important to know about the various benefits of consuming cannabis, either medically or recreationally. Also, iti is essential to stay updated with the laws, regulations, and science surrounding cannabis, as it will help you stay informed.

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