Vaping and Terpenes: Everything You Should Know

Vaping and Terpenes: Everything You Should Know

You probably know that over the last twenty years, vaping has quickly become a popular alternative to smoking tobacco. However, how do terpenes or cannabis-derived terpenes for vapes fit into this picture? We have seen the increasing popularity of vaporizers over the past couple of years as an option for cannabis consumption. This includes devices, such as pens, that can vape marijuana and hemp flowers with ease.

Are you interested in adding cannabis terpenes to your vape pens but not certain where to start? You may have other questions, such as how do you use terpenes in a vape? Is vaping terpenes safe? The shift from smoking tobacco to vaping cannabis comes with a number of valuable benefits. If you would like to know what terpenes CBD are and the benefits of vaping terpenes, you have come to the right place. We will explain how to use cannabis terpenes in pens and the benefits of vaping terpenes and cannabis extracts.


Terpenes are common organic hydrocarbons that are present throughout nature. The term "terpenes" is used to classify a wide variety of secondary aromatic chemical compounds that are produced by cannabis. Did you know that terpenes are also produced by nearly all other plants? Different terpene profiles usually determine the characteristic aroma or unique smell of a plant. For example, the popular terpene linalool gives lavender its distinctive and unique floral scent.

Cannabis terpenes, also known as terpenes CBD, are integral components of the cannabis plant. Keep in mind that the cannabis plant has over 100 identified terpenes, each having its own characteristics, unique scent, and set of potential benefits.

CBD terpenes are crucial not only for their fragrance and aroma but also for the subtler notes as well as the therapeutic effects and benefits of cannabis and many cannabis-derived products, including cannabis concentrates. For example, linalool—a common terpene found in cannabis, mint, and lavender, is used to help manage chronic pain.

It is worth noting that many full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products contain a wide variety of terpenes. These terpenes in cannabis not only help by lending an original and unique aroma but also offer many benefits, such as pain relief.

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Since the popular inventor, Hon Lik from China, invented his e-cigarette back in 2003, many people have been vaping cannabis terpenes, as both cannabis plants and tobacco that have naturally occurring terpenes. Yet, you may have plenty of questions and concerns about vaping terpenes and want to know more about terpenes and their effects. For instance, what effects do different terpenes generate when vaped? Are vape products safe and beneficial when one or more terpene blends are added? You are not alone if you've these or similar questions.

Many people understand that the main purpose of vaporizing is to quit smoking for good. Although there are some concerns about the safety of specific chemicals in some e-liquids and juices, health experts and doctors believe that vaping cannabis and marijuana concentrate is safer than conventional cigarettes.

Honestly, vaping and terpenes is a match made in heaven. This is because vaping is one of the easiest and best ways to create unique flavors that can improve your mood, release stress, and add delicious flavor. Keep in mind that vaping doesn't involve combustion. As a result, it does not produce "tar"—the cancer-causing dangerous substance in cigarette smoke. This is one main reason a lot of cannabis and THC users are now giving up their joints in favor of modern and sleek vape pens. When you vape terpenes, there's no tar or throat burn.

Terpenes' benefits and effects will vary depending on what you vape. With the cannabis flower, you will be vaping CBD terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis strain along with many other cannabinoids as opposed to extracted terpenes. And with vape products, many extracted cannabis terpenes provide a rich palette of authentic and unique flavor potential. If you want to alter the flavors and scents of your vapes, it is best to start with an unflavored, terpene-free cannabis oil. You can change the flavor or scent by adding terpenes to your vape.


Note that the cannabis sativa plant has not only cannabinoids as important compounds but also many other compounds that play an important role as synergistic or entourage compounds. Many studies and research journals that analyze various cannabis compounds tend to use isolated, pure extracts. In contrast, some use synthetically-produced versions of these compounds for research purposes.

However, note that this is in stark contrast with how terpenes and cannabinoids are usually found in the market or ingested by most consumers, namely in the form of whole-plant extracts. When consumed together, the effects observed in an individual are usually different and considerably more enhanced than the effects of isolates alone. And this is because of the entourage effect- the idea that terpenes increase or modify the effects of THC and CBD in the body.

The entourage effect was proposed by Mechoulam and Ben-Shabat in a hypothesis that stated organic compounds like terpenes and cannabis terpenes interact and work together with other cannabis compounds. They work in synergy with the main endogenous cannabinoids, thereby improving the effects of cannabis.


Did you know that there are hundreds of unique terpenes in cannabis? Some strains have more terpenes than others. You will be happy to know that the potential benefits of terpenes are wide-ranging, from stress and anxiety reduction to pain relief. According to several studies, vaping e-liquids is better and 95% healthier than smoking. As there's no combustion, no smoke is produced, just vapor.


Consuming cannabis and THC without the risks associated with smoking tobacco is one of the most vital benefits of vaporizing cannabis herbs. Different from smoking, vaping CBD generates a highly pure and safe stream of vaporized cannabinoids as well as terpenes, increasing the popularity of CBD vape. Research also indicates that vapor contains less than 0.001% of the harmful substances and compounds in combusted cannabis.


It is not only potency that is lost with traditional smoking, but flavors as well. Cannabis contains a wide range of flavor-enhancing and aromatic terpenes, most of which are destroyed during combustion. If you are a flavor connoisseur, one of the main benefits of vaporizing cannabis flowers and herbs is a better-tasting experience.

Vaping your favorite strains and rediscovering the nuances in their flavor profiles is an enjoyable aspect of vaping.


If you are looking to make the most of cannabis and CBD terpenes, you should consider vaping rather than smoking a joint. Vaping is one of the most effective ways of taking CBD and other cannabis-derived products. Inhaling CBD is better as it allows it to be easily absorbed through your lungs, where it swiftly enters your bloodstream and can produce systemic effects within a few minutes of the first breath.

Vaping is also best for experiencing terpenes, as it offers much more control and efficiency — it amplifies and enhances the taste and aromatic effects of cannabis.


You will be happy to know that terpene extracts are safe and commonly used in vape devices, such as pens. However, it isn't safe to vape undiluted terpenes. Generally, cannabis vapes have terpenes and cannabinoids suspended in a vaporizing e-liquid base. Remember that you can vape terpenes by consuming cannabis or hemp flowers.

Also, dry herb vaporizers are one of the simplest and smoothest ways to vape terpenes naturally and safely from flowers. On the other hand, you can also find naturally derived terpenes in cannabis and hemp oils as well. After arranging your terpene oil, you may add it to cannabis or hemp flowers for an extra boost.

You can follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you've the right vape pen or mod for your needs.
  • Prepare the necessary equipment.
  • You may create a terpene-infused oil by blending your terpenes or carrier of choice, or a cutting agent.


Some strains have more terpenes than others. However, your favorite one will surely have enough in it. Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, Terpinolene, and Caryophyllene are the 5 most common terpenes found in many popular and effective cannabis strains.


This is an important terpene that makes up about 50% of all cannabis terpenes. Found in many cannabis strains popular for their relaxing and sedative properties, its potential benefits include treating pain, inflammation, and insomnia. It's also an antioxidant well-known for its calming and euphoric effects on the mind and body.


This is another CBD terpene found in the peels of citrus fruits and juniper berries. Its potentially beneficial and therapeutic effects include stress relief, combating depression and anxiety, elevated mood, and anti-inflammation.


Pinene helps you concentrate harder on what you’re doing. If you have lit a pine-scented candle while working, you may know that vaping this terpene is a simple and suitable way to reel your attention back in.


Cannabis vaping enthusiasts maintain that vapes flavored with aromatic cannabis terpenes embody the ideal combination of vape enjoyability and alluring scents. Whether you use cannabis terpenes in cannabinoid vapes or add them to nicotine e-liquid, they are an excellent choice.

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