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Enter the pre-roll kingdom, where you will find all the best cannabis strains rolled into blunts, joints, and spliffs to spend a relaxing weekend with your close friends. Since cannabis consumption is already skyrocketing in the US, people are looking for more convenient ways to enjoy joints and blunts.

Pre-roll joints are perfect for occasions when you don’t have the time or mood to pick up all the ingredients and tools to start rolling a joint. When you just want to lie down and start puffing on your favorite cannabis strain mix, you can turn to HOTBOX for some of the most effective pre-roll joints.

What is a Pre-Roll?

In simple words, think of it as a joint filled with a cannabis strain that you do not have to prepare in any way or form. You can just take it out of the pack and smoke it to get a breezy and relaxing feel. Pre-rolls work just like cigarettes and come in packets.

It’s best to check out the variety and types of pre-rolls that are present in the market under the most reputable brands such as HOTBOX before purchasing a whole pack of them.

Pre-rolls are the perfect item to complete the starter pack for newcomers. After all, they may not have nimble fingers or the time to practice rolling joints. Hence, pre-rolls make things easy because they’re pre-made or ready-to-go joints.

What are Pre-Rolls Made Of?

It’s difficult for consumers to judge what’s inside a pre-roll joint since the rolling paper used by producers hides the content inside. That’s how some poor-quality producers are getting away with sub-par trim or cannabis content. However, there’s another major reason to choose HOTBOX to deliver the pre-rolls that you’ll love. Here’s a better look at how pre-rolls come into existence:


While harvesting the buds that grow on different cannabis plants, some producers also use the cut-off leaves to create the content for the pre-rolls. That’s what makes a huge proportion of experienced joint smokers think that pre-rolls are sub-par quality all the time. While that’s not a common practice yet, some brands include trim in their pre-rolls.


Some pre-roll companies fill pre-rolls with full nugs or ground them down to get a higher price. Nug-source pre-rolls aren’t easy to come across, and you must find the right producer for them.


Shakes also form many pre-rolls, and they’re the flower that falls off in small proportions when the pre-roll companies are transferring the full nugs from one container to the other. When these small flowers fall, producers use them to fill pre-rolls as well.

Filling Pre-Rolls

With trim, grounded nugs, full nugs, or shake, companies fill pre-rolled paper cones by the hundreds. After that, a separate machine shakes the pre-rolls so that the mixture settles nicely and perfectly. It’s much like how you would gently tap it on a tabletop.

It removes air pockets from the pre-rolls and lets the contents inside tamp down smoothly. A pre-roll that’s either too loose or too tight won’t be as enjoyable because it will have air pockets inside it. Once done, the pre-rolls get a small twist at the top, and they’re ready to burn!

Why Use Pre-Rolls?

The main reason to go for pre-rolls is that they’re inexpensive and time-saving compared to the traditional method of smoking a joint. Nearly all average consumers will love the idea of having joints rolled without spending any unnecessary time or playing with their nimble fingers.

Pre-rolls have a better storage life due to the standardized production, unlike homemade joints. Moreover, pre-rolls still look like traditional joints and give the same vibe. For some newcomers, following the ritual of making your own joint from ingredients is tough. So, pre-rolls offer a way out.

Differences Between a Joint vs. Blunt vs. Spliff

Each one has its own pros and cons. Here are their main differences:


These are historical relics that cannabis smokers tend to never let go of. It’s the staple of the cannabis smoking population and one of the best mediums to get the effects of quality cannabis strains.


  • Easy to light up
  • Convenient sharing
  • Can burn after putting it out once
  • Portable and tiny


  • Difficult to roll quickly
  • Not so “discreet” (i.e., noticeable smell)


Blunts also have a loyal fan base among cannabis users around the world. Some people mostly save blunts for special events.


  • Easy to share
  • Portable
  • Energetic due to tobacco content
  • Flavor variety


  • Tobacco affects weed’s taste
  • Time-consuming to roll one


Think of them as joints but a mixture that also includes high-quality tobacco. Hence, the pros and cons aren’t so different from joints.


  • Discreet (cigarette-like smell)
  • Portable
  • Easy to light
  • Energetic and mind-awakening due to tobacco


  • Requires experience to roll one perfectly
  • Tobacco causes teeth and mouth damage

The Benefits of Pre-Rolled Cannabis

Among all the benefits, the first one we would like to highlight once again is that you won’t be wasting any time performing the same ritual several times to have a couple of joints ready for the weekend. With pre-rolls, you can just open up the pack and light it up with your lighter without taking time off your watch to prepare the joint.

Many brands let you know the composition of the pre-roll joints, so you know what you’re getting. Furthermore, companies like that also allow you to have full transparency and a wide range of choices. An exceptional benefit of pre-rolls is that you can easily try new mixtures and cannabis strains without spending time rolling them up carefully into a single rolling paper.

Types of Pre-Rolls

There are countless types of pre-roll joints in the market today. As brands keep experimenting to meet the taste and needs of consumers, they keep coming up with newer strain mixtures everyday along with brand new styles.

  • Cannabis cigarettes
  • Classic cone
  • Blunts
  • Kief joints
  • Oil dips
  • King-sized cones
  • Gold-leaf
  • Caviar joints

Pre-Roll Tips

Check out some of the tips below to make sure you start off smoking pre-roll joints in the most enjoyable and relaxing manner possible:

Choose a Joint

Start with selecting a joint that you think will work for you. Do you want a pre-roll that’s filled with energizing and mind-awakening cannabis content? Do you require a pre-roll that will soothe your whole body and put you to sleep faster?

Remove Air Pockets

Make sure the pre-roll is filled perfectly without any air pockets, i.e., check if it’s too tight or loose. If it’s too tight or loose, try to gently roll the pre-roll and move it in your hand so that the mixture settles in nicely. The mixture must be perfectly filled to burn evenly.

Burn Evenly

When you’re about to burn it, make sure you’re burning it evenly and not letting it drag from any angle. You can do that by checking for air pockets or lighting gently.

Take Small Draws

Rather than taking long drags, take small draws from the pre-rolls to enjoy it best. Taking long draws will also pull the cherry up (inside the pre-roll).

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